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‘Frankie’ Visits House of Horror

The housemates screamed in fear yesterday when Frankenstein paid them an early morning visit to start their most horrific day in Big Brother’s house. They didn’t know that Frankie’s unexpected visit was just the start of more frightening things to come.


The unexpected visitor


At around eight in the morning, Franzen jumped out of the bed and screamed like hell upon seeing an eight-foot giant man standing in front of his bed. His loud scream served as the wakeup call of the boys, who also got terrified after seeing Frankenstein. Jason was so shocked and couldn’t move as he stared at the giant. Franzen, on the other hand, ran quickly to Uma, apparently to seek protection from the monster.


Later on, when they realized that Frankenstein was harmless, they decided to make friends with him. Out of curiosity, the guys began touching Frankenstein’s face and hands to see if  he was real person. Jason, who screamed like a gay when he saw Frankie, decided to take him to the ladies’ bedroom to terrify the girls. But unfortunately, his plan failed. Surpisingly, unlike the guys, the girls didn’t fear the giant when they saw him. They were so amazed and happy to see Frankie.


Astonished by his physical features, the housemates stayed with Frankie to have a bonding session with their visitor. The boys even danced “Pinoy Ako” with him.

Fashion Show of Monsters


The Halloween festivities in the house of horror continued in the afternoon as Big Brother asked the housemates to prepare for their fashion show. Dressed in their most horrifying costumes, the housemates turned zombies ramped in the living room to let Frankie judge their outfits. Nene won in the costume contest. 


Later that night, Housemates’ fear turned into tears when Kuya asked them to narrate their most painful experiences in life that they want bury forever. Housemates started to cry as they recounted these experiences. They wrote it on a paper and buried it in a grave, hoping to finally forget the sorrowful moments of their lives.


Tonight on Pinoy Big Brother


Fans of Pinoy Big Brother can go to Big Brother’s house tonight for the second day of Pinoy Big Brother’s House of Horror Halloween presentation. Another Halloween costume contest is slated for fans 12 years old and above. Special prizes await the winners of tonight’s contest.  Pinoy Big Brother airs live tonight at 930PM on ABS-CBN! 

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