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Housemate to Have a 100-Second Reunion Tonight

Big Brother is giving one housemate a special treat! A housemate will reunite with a loved one inside the confession room! And this special moment will be aired live on Pinoy Big Brother tonight!


Just like the past reunions, the lucky housemate is only limited to 100 seconds to be with his/her loved one, whom h/she misses so much. Previously Jason, Uma and Say already experienced the 100-second reunion treat from Big Brother. Say got the chance to be back in the arms of her boyfriend JB, while Jason got very emotional when he saw his daughter during her birthday. Uma, on the other hand, got so overwhelmed after receiving a phone call from his mother, who’s living in Israel, just last Friday.


Other exciting scenes


Aside from tonight’s special reunion, there are still other exciting scenes instore for the viewers! The live episode would also feature Big Brother’s expose where he revealed to the housemates a video compilation of Franzen’s nose-picking moments.  


Franzen got very ashamed of the video. He covered his face as soon as he saw the title of his movie, “Anong Mali Sa Pangungulangot?” He was also the first one to shout, “Yuck Kadiri!” when he saw himself picking his nose. The other housemates had the same reaction. They screamed “Yuck! Kadiri!” several times while watching Franzen’s debut movie. They got more disgusted when they saw the scene where Franzen was placing his booger on the pillow and wall of the confession room.


After watching the movie, the housemates made known to Franzen their sentiments about his favorite past time. They suggested to the self-confessed jologs to observe proper hygiene in the house. “Nakakakdiri po talaga, dumi yun ng katawan mo e, inilabas mo dapat itapon mo sa basurahan,” Cass advised him.  


The housemates also realized that Big Brother’s punishment for Franzen to insert corks into his nose  was not meant to ridicule the guy but just to remind him to be more considerate to his housemates when disposing his booger.  Noong una hindi ko nagustuhan yung binigay niyong punishment na pagtakip sa ilong, pero ngayon naiintindihan ko na kung bakit ganoon kabigat yung punishment na binigay niyo sa kanya. Katulad nga ng sinabi niyo, hindi naman ito (pangungulangot) masama pero proper hygiene naman, hindi naman tayo bata, kahit bata alam naman dirty yun. So tama lang po yung ginawa niyo sa kanya," Nene disclosed to everyone. 


Uma, on the other hand, joked and told Franzen, “kung ako si Big Brother, lalagyan ko ng semento ang ilong mo.” The housemates also advised the Franzen to use tissue paper when picking his nose. They also suggested that he should just do his hobby inside the restroom.


Tonight on Pinoy Big Brother


Be sure to watch tonight’s episode of Pinoy Big Brother and find out who is the lucky housemates that will have a reunion with his/her special someone for 100 seconds. Pinoy Big Brother airs live right after Panday on ABS-CBN!

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