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Comedian Jason Stars in Nginiiig

This coming Saturday, funnyman Jason combines comedy and serious acting as he stars with Pokwang in ABS-CBN’s docu-horror show, Nginiiig.

In the episode, Jason portrays the role of Rene, a jobless father who prefers to spend his time telling legendary stories to his son Caloy (John Manalo) instead of looking for a job to support his family.

Because of the stories he has heard from Rene, Caloy looks up to his father as a hero. His belief is that his dad is just like the characters in their  stories: brave and strong enough to defend him from his enemies. Unfortunately, Rene’s wife, Cora (Pokwang) sees her husband in a different way. She finds Rene lazy and useless for refusing to find work. To keep Rene from wasting his time telling nonsense stories to their son, Cora tells Caloy that all his dad's tales are completely fictional.

Caloy gets very disheartened from what he has learned. To prove to his mom that his dad’s stories are true, one day, Caloy decides to find  “Wakwak,” a witch that was mentioned by his dad in one of their storytelling sessions. Caloy’s search for “Wakwak” leads him into trouble and makes him discover something about his family that evenutally changes how he sees them.


Aside from Jason, Pokwang and John Manalo, the episode also features child star Sharlene San Pedro, who portrays the role as the daughter of Cora and Rene.


"Wakwak" airs on Nginiiig this Saturday, after Entertainment Konek on ABS-CBN.


Some behind-the-scene photos from Nginiiig's "Wakwak" episode.

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