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Celebrity housemates to chat online on Saturday!

Great news for the online fans of Pinoy Big Brother! This Saturday, you will have the rare chance to chat with the celebrity housemates even before their identities are revealed during the premiere of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition.


The celebrity housemates will be online to chat with PBB fans through the ABS-CBN Forums chat page on Saturday afternoon, From 1 to 4PM (Philippine Time). They will be chatting from their rooms in Grand Boulevard Hotel, where they will be staying until they are presented to the public during the grand launch of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition.


The premiere of PBB Celebrity Edition, which is set to take place in Baywalk, Roxas Blvd in Manila, will be aired live on Saturday,9PM on ABS-CBN.


Aside from the celebrity housemates, the former 13 housemates of Pinoy Big Brother will also be chatting online on Friday night, from 8 to 10PM (Philippine Time)!


In order to participate in the chat, you must be a member of ABS-CBN Forums website. Those who are not yet members must sign up first through this link.


Chatters must also have a Java-enabled browser to participate in chat. If your browser is not java enabled, you have to download a copy of the Java™ Virtual Machine in order to run the chat application.  Once you visit the ABS-CBN Forums chat page, it will contain instructions and links where you can download Java™ Virtual Machine.


Dont miss the rare opportunity to chat with the former and newest housemates of Pinoy Big Brother! be sure to go online on Friday and Saturday night and bond with them!

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